Mocha muslin backdrop

Painted gray muslin backdrop

Black muslin backdrop

Multi-colored green muslin backdrop

Black with bright blue canvas

Mocha canvas

9' White paper

Light gray muslin backdrop

Blankets, blocks, books, toys, etc.

Antique chair

Various stools


Red bean bag

Kid chairs

Kid chairs

White vinyl fence

Round yellow rug

Wicker basket

Wicker basket

Brown leather ottoman

Wooden plank for newborns

Various baskets

Dark brown basket

Light cream and black fuzzy rugs

Blue and pink rugs

Light green kids chair

Boppy and pillows for infants

Colorful wicker baskets

Oval mirror

Blocks, chalkboard & stand, letters to spell out

Small red toy wagon and wooden blocks

Flower petals and plastic bubbles

Wooden plank and infant cocoons

Tin buckets and blankets

Various blankets

Flowers and frame

Balls, trucks and camera

Various stuffed animals

Small stools and flower backdrop

Easter props

Christmas props

Foam snowflakes with vinyl snowflake backdrop

Valentine's Day props

St. Patrick's Day props

Photogenic Power Light 1500 with Large Softbox

Photogenic Power Light 1500 with small softbox

Photogenic Power Light 1500

Reflectors with stand


props, backdrops and lighting

Click arrows below photo to view props, backdrops, lighting and equipment available. 


There are many props available and included in the standard rental fee such as blankets, buckets, rugs, baskets, kid’s chairs, flowers, wooden blocks, chalkboard, adult stools, antique chairs, ottomans and more!

Backdrops & Floors:

There are several backdrops available and included in the standard rental fee:

  • Muslin/Cloth Backdrops: Black, dark green, greys, mocha

  • Seamless Paper: 9″ white, 4.5″ dark grey, 9″ tech green

  • Canvas Backdrops: Black with bright blue, mocha

  • Vinyl Backdrops: White with blue snowflakes

  • Poly Paper Backdrops: Several printed brick, wallpaper, solid colors, scenes, etc.  

  • Vinyl Floors: Several different colored vinyl wood floor drops 


  • 1 – 24″x36″ Softbox with Photogenic Power Light 1500 (600W) with modeling
  and strobe

  • 1 – 36″x48″ Softbox with Photogenic Power Light 1500 (600W) with modeling 
  and strobe

  • Wireless connection to sync camera to light(s), including
     Sony adaptor (if necessary)

  • 2 – All-On Lights with softboxes (no strobes/flash)

Other Equipment: 

Other forms of equipment are currently included in the standard fee. 

  • Extension Cords

  • Tripod

  • Reflectors

  • Stand and arm for reflector

  • Space heater (for newborn sessions)

  • Rectangular tables

rental rates


$55/hour with 1 hour minimum. Click for additional information on ratespolicies and FAQs.

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studio uses


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